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Meet Ellie

Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

Hey, I'm Ellie Gormley, an online coach and personal trainer! I run BarbEllie, my extremely successful online programme. BarbEllie first started in October 2020 and has since, helped transform the lives of hundreds of girls. 

didn't grow up being fit or sporty, I was the complete opposite. I used every excuse possible to get out of doing P.E. each week. 

My fitness journey began when one evening I took the plunge and attended a class in my local leisure centre - this was single handily the scariest thing I've ever done - It was completely out of my comfort zone but I went back the following day to do another class, I fell in love with it over time - and here we are! 


My Vision

I created BarbEllie to show girls that they can get results, they can make progress and they can reach their goals - all whilst still enjoying a normal life without fad diets or restrictions!

Meet Zoe (Team Chef)

About me

Hey, I'm Zoe, the foodie! Over the years I've developed a love for cooking and baking! In 2018, I decided to start an instagram page "AvoGoodness"  (click HERE to visit) just for fun and to save recipes that I enjoy. Whilst working full time, I try to post as often as I can and experiment with quick and simple recipes!


My Vision

For me the most important thing for a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape is enjoying the foods you love, alongside a consistent fitness routine. Growing up I have always been a fitness enthusiast and cooking healthy recipes has now became my hobby. So, whenever I have free time, you will find me in the kitchen. I am not a health expert nor a nutritionist, but if sharing healthier recipes that have helped me reach my fitness goals, inspires you whilst cooking then mission accomplished! 

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